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Navigating the Start-Up Phase of E-Commerce | The Killing Pain | Visibility


When your order count is below 250 per month, the challenges often center around visibility, customer trust, and inventory management.

The Killing Pain | Visibility

It is often the first obstacle. With a vast sea of online competition, standing out is key. Investing in SEO and content marketing can significantly boost your organic reach while engaging social media campaigns can connect you to your target audience.

Solution #1:

Set which keywords you want to target, analyze what traffic each one can bring you and what is the difficulty for the rankings to be balanced.

Solution #2:

BE EVERYWHERE! Post and create a lot (but quality content and try to add value) about your company, products, and product features. Build social proof.

Solution #3:

Find a freelancer or paid marketing agency to help you drive traffic through campaigns. 

MUST: Ask if they can give you a guarantee, preferably a money-back guarantee (make sure it's written in the contract and well articulated), on sales, ROI, or something similar that assures you that they know what they're doing and you won't lose your money. If you have a Shopify business, try this great app:

Autopilot Google Shopping Ads:

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