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This project has helped a transport company get through the crisis by going through a vigorous digitization process for the entire company.

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At the beginning of the pandemic, an old friend, who now owns a cargo delivery company with over 150 trucks, called me to tell me about the situation he was in. He was not able to coordinate his vehicle fleet at all, everything was stagnant, and he was in a tough situation  (I remember that at the beginning of the pandemic, he had only 40 cargo vehicles). So my team and I carefully investigated his situation and found that to recover from this deadlock and to be able to scale his business easily, he needs the digitalization of every process in his company.

Another important aspect to consider when a company goes through a digitalization process is to understand the source of the biggest losses in the company, whether they come from consumables (fuel, paper, etc.) or due to some very expensive subscriptions, unnecessarily expensive, every penny consumed by the company must be analyzed, because digitization solves countless situations of this kind.


Solution: Together with the development and innovation department, I decided that it would be appropriate for the transport company's budget and situation to develop two software applications: one for each driver (driver app) in the fleet and one for him, a dashboard for managing the entire fleet (admin dashboard).

  • The fleet manager can check at any time where a certain cargo truck is, as well as details about the transport itself and the route it follows, etc.

  • Each driver when leaving the warehouse indicates the next final location, and the application calculates for him the best route, where are the gas stations with the best price, where is the safest and cheapest to park + other costs

  • Each driver can communicate quickly and securely with the fleet manager, indicating possible problems or situations that arise in traffic.

  • This dashboard provides efficient and secure control over the entire fleet, making it easy to analyze routes, costs, etc.

  • An optimal way to visualize the performance of each vehicle and driver [cool resource]


This whole process of digitization of the transport company had real benefits such as:

  • Decreased fuel spending by more than 15%

  • The chance to be able to expand the company, in almost 1-year managing to increase the number of cargo vehicles by about 200%

  • 100% control over the entire fleet 24/7


Below you have presented a series of statistics related to the transport company. The period in which the application was implemented was the beginning of May 2020.

Fleet Size Graph

This company, having a digitization and fleet organization system, received numerous investments, as the company could be easily analyzed and understood by an investor.

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