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Bed Bath & Beyond Inc in 2020 is at a turning point in terms of scaling up its order processing and delivery systems, once again increasing the number of orders by 2.5x over 2019 in the same calendar period.


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The company didn't have a European support team ready, and payment processing was outdated, about every tool was in a state of being deprecated.

  • They want to grow faster and exploit the market in Europe, but the management system keeps them from doing that;

  • Invest too much in marketing campaigns and the conversion rate is too low;

  • Users were dissatisfied with their experience of buying a product (the client journey was too long).


Rebuild the entire platform from Opencart to Oracle Commerce Cloud (Why behind this choice was the strategic partnership between the two companies):



  • Project delivery in 6 months (Zetta only succeeded in 7 and a half months)

  • Forming a full-time team to take over the project, maintenance, and creating a development plan for another 6 months for the platform, consisting of adding new features, optimizations, security, and performance audits)

  • 15% reduction in marketing costs



Oracle Commerce Cloud is a mature and robust e-commerce development solution, especially for high-traffic marketplaces (1 million visits per month). The database and object storage is supported by them and the performance is very good. The SEO part for the product was very easy to do in detail and at an advanced level. It offered fast data migration solutions without any extra cost or expert intervention.



  • Rebuilding vital systems in the e-commerce ecosystem without downtime;

  • Migrate old data without losing any information and as optimally as possible.



At that time Oracle Commerce Cloud was the most scalable solution, there were other variants like Shopify, but it was not as advanced as it is now (Shopify Plus or Shopify Enterprise). The Oracle infrastructure was plugged in for the solutions used for the BaaS and POS area.


For us, it was very important to have a superior SEO performance, and Oracle offered a vast area of modification in the SEO area, thus giving us the best solution to lower our marketing costs.



We maximize your profit by optimizing your entire platform, if we fail you are guaranteed to get your money back.

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