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The project focused on helping a startup digital store to handle the amount of traffic by creating a platform with maximum performance.

Client: Nutriseed 



Nutriseed is a digital store that provides a wide variety of natural seeds, powders, smoothies, vitamins, supplements, soups, and juices. Nutriseed was still a startup that had initially started out as an organic affiliate site, soon to open its own product line. They had a free website made in WordPress for a demo, and for a Seed Round of investments.

Their needs were for a scalable, fast and high-performance platform. As a result of unpleasant experiences with other software companies, they had more doubts about us than usual. To handle the traffic and support from other leading sites in the UK and Ireland, they needed a solution.



Our experience led us to the decision to use the best solution for Big eCommerce, which at that time (and still in 2022) is Shopify Plus.


  • To help them organise the entire infrastructure from the production of certain items to their delivery;

  • Platform development within 2.5 months (we did it in 2 months).



We implemented a custom frontend with Shopify Hydrogen. Optimised the design for maximum performance and user experience. Integrated with custom payment processors and built custom customer subscription funnels.



  • Integration of tools that did not have a direct API with Shopify Enviroment;

  • Establishing a membership/ affiliate scheme for contractors.



Through our previous experiences working with other customers and other commerce solutions we recommended our client that Shopify was the best choice for them.

We chose Shopify Plus over Shopify because the customer wanted to sell globally and track everything, through one integrated platform. They wanted to sell in retail and in bulk. Shopify Plus also allows for more customisation and control and they wanted to offer custom subscription plans, integrations with other payment processors and customised experiences.





We maximize your profit by optimizing your entire platform, if we fail you are guaranteed to get your money back.

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